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Innovative solutions to match 5.0 industry

Roboty Przemyslowe Ltd. Deals primarily in robotic solutions for industrial lines automation, basing i.a. on infallible FANUC robots. We specialize in designing, constructing, supplying, integrating and programming of robotic welding solutions as well as robotic palletizing, spot welding, cutting, coating and painting, and machine tending with emphasis on press brakes. We can also take on non-standard challenges integrating robots into most demanding of industrial manufacturing processes and handling/ cooperating with various industrial applications.

Flexible solutions

We construct and integrate complete robotic solutions which work equally well in the context of mass production of specific details and in case of short series or prototype solutions. This flexibility gives our Clients considerable advantage over their competition.

All inclusive management

Our robotic solutions are integrated comprehensively, beginning with the choice of robots and their functionalities, equipment and peripherals (gripper, positioning system). We ensure optimal configuration of all parts and provide employee training as well as service and overhauls within and beyond warranty period.

Choice of technology

While working on any application, we begin by analyzing and understanding of the underlying technological process. This allows us to present the Client with an optimal plan for robotization, which can answer both the current and future (presumed) production requirements. Our solutions are characterized by high efficiency and flexibility as well as reliability. All our machines conform to current safety norms.

Roboty FANUC Roboty Przemysłowe
Plazmowe i laserowe Spawanie MIG/MAG/TIG
Paletyzacja Zgrzewanie
Wycinanie i gięcie Prasy krawędziowe
Procesy niszowe Nakładanie powłok
Deklaracja CE Rozwiązanie low-cost
Przemysł 5.0 Innowacyjne technologie
Kontrola jakości Systemy wizyjne

Online / offline programming

Our offer includes robot programming, including optimization of the existing software, reprogramming robots for new tasks and implementing our own original solutions for non-standard tasks.


Our offer includes both technical assistance by phone and service at the Client’s site. We have at our disposal professional maintenance facilities as well as the storage of spare parts, which facilitates the servicing process.


We offer training sessions covering both industrial robots’ operation and programming (online and offline.
We run our programs on two levels: basic and advanced.

„Roboty Przemysłowe Ltd. is a reliable and truly engaged business partner, with whom we will gladly cooperate in the future.”

- Pratt & Whitney Rzeszów

„Our cooperation has provided us with fine-tuned, precise machines which fulfill all our standards. Roboty Przemysłowe Ltd. also provide high-quality service of these machines.

- NTB Groupa Sp. z o.o.

„I hereby confirm that the solution suggested by the Integrator has fulfilled our expectations and allowed us to optimize the production process. All contracted tasks have been completed with due care and within the scheduled deadline, in accordance with current regulations and required safety norms.”

- Proseat Sp. z o.o.

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