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Standard robotic welding cell Monoblock

MIG/ MAG welding – 2 work areas

The operator prepares the object to be welded in the work area no.1. while the robot is welding in the work area no.2. When both are done, the operator leaves the work area no.1 and moves to the work area no.2 to collect the ready welded object. The robot moves to the work area no.1 and begins to weld. The operator then prepares the next object in the work area no.2 and the process is repeated.


  • Machine parts
  • Shelving Units
  • Furniture
  • Semitrailers, chassis
  • Fuel tanks

The offer includes:

  • Industrial robot FANUC ArcMate + welding functionalities
  • Wire feed tube, welding torch cooler
  • Abicor Binzel cleaning station
  • Floor motion tracks
  • Robotic cell control system
  • Lincoln Electric welding power source Power Wave S500
  • Set of cables with a liquid-cooled welding torch
  • 1-axis positioners with 600 kg capacity
  • Industrial fencing and safety systems
  • Roboty Przemysłowe Krzysztof Sulikowski
  • ul. Wielicka 250
  • 30-663 Kraków